Music Projects

Black Dandelion

Ladies and gentlemen….Mr. Brett Haenn of Long Miles, Little Stranger and other musical projects! Amazing guitar player! Very versatile. Very talented. We linked up in the Spring of 2014 and everything started to click. After a few years of playing all over the Philly and South Jersey area we managed to end up on tour over in Europe, playing gigs and meeting amazing people. We’ve received such a great response from all of our gigs and look forward to playing much, much more.


*Update* Unfortunately LooshCatastrophe does not have any upcoming bookings but we will be rocking soon though! We will keep you posted!

LooshCatastrophe is made up of Sean Loosh on guitar/vocals and Tony Catastrophe on the drums. Tony hails from Philly and is one of the most talented and sought after drummers in the area. He has played and worked with dozens and dozens of bands and musical projects all over the country and continues to do so. Tony and I have been playing together consistently for about 6 years in the Philly area, Atlantic City and South Jersey shore points. We always have a blast jamming and hope to catch you at our next gig!

Sean Loosh & Ray Raggamuffin

The legendary Ray Raggamuffin! First linked up with Ray about 6 years ago when we threw a little band together to play some gigs at the shore. After a few years we reconnected and have been playing as much as we can. He’s an insane guitar play and you can catch Ray with one of his many other musical projects all over the Philly area. Side note: If you happen to write him a check…don’t use the last name “Raggamuffin” because he won’t be able to cash it.


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