Please check out Black Dandelion! A new, original music project from myself and Brett Haenn. We are currently working on new material and filling up our schedule so check us out @blackdandelionband on Facebook and Instagram!


Hey friends, enemies, former friends and strangers. Welcome to my comfy, cozy corner in cyber-space. Hailing from the Philly area, playing guitar, djing, as well as various video and music projects, is how I spend the majority of my time. Playing guitar since the age of 10 and being glued to MTV for years prior, I have come to love and appreciate every lick of music that makes its way to my ears. From the secular music in Europe in the Middle Ages to the Big Band era to EDM, Jazz to Rock N’ Roll, Hip-Hop to Country, Thrash Metal to Classical. It’s all beautiful. The music of our youth, adolescence, adulthood and our golden years have been the irreplaceable soundtrack to which we shed tears, fall in love, motivate, smile, cry, remember, hate and forgive. It sparks these emotions without fail and our world would be a dark, lonely place without it. *Keep The Music Playing* Cheers!